Ocracoke Light

Ocracoke, North Carolina

Blackbeard came home to Ocracoke after hard days at sea, plundering merchant ships. Almost 100 years after his pirate reign, the first light was built on the island, in 1803. Fifteen years later it was destroyed by lightning, replaced in 1823 by the current tower. The original fourth-order lens was destroyed during the Civil War, but a new lens installed in 1864 remains today.

Ocracoke Island is one of my favorite places .... 15 miles of unspoiled beaches where you can walk for hours without seeing anyone. The light watches over Silver Lake, and the sleepy town of Ocracoke. The island is accessible from mainland NC via 2 hour ferry, or from Hatteras Island to the north via the half-hour free ferry. You can walk up close to the light, but you cannot enter. And, although you are discouraged from doing so, you can walk behind the lighthouse and see the old graveyard.

Some photos taken rom the air, with the lovely harbor and town of Ocracoke and a close-up of the Ocracoke Light

If you go to Ocracoke, don't expect fast food and ferris wheels. Plan to park your car, rent a bike, and slow down .... and try the Back Porch restaurant, or check out a book from the Ocracoke Public Library.

A fine art print of this lighthouse is available for purchase.