Brant Point Light
Nantucket, Massachusetts

Brant Point Lighthouse claims several distinctions: it is the site of the second lighthouse built in America (1746), after Boston Light (1716); it is the lowest light in New England at 26 feet above sea level; and it surely is the most often rebuilt, with nine different incarnations.

Nestled on the western side of Nantucket Harbor, Brant Point is a photogenic spot for capturing a pastel sunrise , or the golden light of late afternoon, or just to sit and watch the sailboats and ferries go by. This little tower was built and rebuilt six times during the 1700's, destroyed by fires and violent winds. The tower built in 1856 still stands (stripped of its lantern) not far from the current tower, which was built in 1901. The original fifth-order lens has been replaced with a 250mm plastic optic.

Nantucket town is one of the most romantic spots in New England, with unique shops lining the cobblestone Main Street, and a plethora of historic inns, such as the Jared Coffin house , and the Roberts House Inn . The harbor area is a living post card, with shops, and street vendors , and art galleries mingling with the old weathered wharf buildings.