Chatham Light

Chatham, Massachusetts

The town of Chatham sits on the elbow of Cape Cod. In 1808 the first of three sets of twin lights was installed at Chatham Beach. The two wooden light towers were used to distinguish the site from the single light at Highland to the north.

In 1841 the original lights were replaced by a set of brick towers. These lasted until 1881, when erosion toppled them over the bluff. Again a pair of lights was installed at Chatham--this time of brick-lined iron design.

In 1923 the north light at Chatham was relocated up the beach to become what is known today as Nauset Light. Chatham Light remains in this configuration today. If you look to the right of the keeper's house, you can see the remains of the last Chatham twin. (you can also see the lovely Coast Guard volleyball court on the front lawn of the lightstation.)